Taps for your Double Bowl French Farmhouse Sinks

Although there are other finishes available, most people purchase the traditional white Double Bowl French Farmhouse Sink, so choosing the finish (or colour) of your taps is mainly based on your own personal taste as the majority of tap finishes accompany white well.  You should however, check that your basket strainer waste or your plug and chain (whatever option you choose), is also available in a matching or similar finish to your taps.  You could also take into account what colour appliances and kitchen fittings you have; if your door knobs and appliances are chrome, a chrome tap would fit better with the overall look of your kitchen.

The main difficulty when choosing your taps is which style to go for, this particularly applies to a double bowl sink where you need to consider water flow for both bowls. If you want to have just one tap then you need to opt for a tap with a swivel spout which can be used across both bowls, ideally,  you also need to make sure your tap has quite a good reach- especially if you want to use it for your pots and pans. We recommend a monobloc or a bridge tap for those wishing to just purchase one tap, most people go for the bridge tap option as it creates a more uniformed look, and if you have quite a big sink the a monobloc can look a bit lost.  A monobloc tap is good if the sink can be drilled for a tap as the space available is usually small and you only need one hole drilling.

If you like the more traditional pillar taps- one hot, one cold, then you will need to purchase two sets so you can have access to water in both bowls.  Two sets of pillar taps with a double bowl ceramic sink do look great, and this is probably the best option if there is going to be more than one person using the sink for any reason.

It is important to remember that traditionally French Farmhouse Sinks do not have the facility for taps to be fitted on the actual sink and you should check this when considering your purchase. Most French Farmhouse sinks will need to have taps fitted onto your worktop or wall mounted.

French Farmhouse Double Bowl

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What is a French Farmhouse Sink?

The farmhouse sink, is usually found in country cottages and more traditional properties, however more recently the farmhouse sink is becoming popular in the modern kitchen.  Tradtionally made from ceramic, the farmhouse style sink is now also available in other materials such as stainless steel and copper.

The ceramic French farmhouse sink is produced using the same method as the British Belfast.  The main difference between the two is that the French farmhouse sink is produced using a finer clay which results in thinner and smoother walls.

French farmhouse sinks are available in either a double bowl, or single bowl style and sizes can vary.

For more information on French Farmhouse Sinks call one of our experts on 0844 272 3177

Double Bowl French Farmhouse Sink


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New Website Launched

Busy stocking our warehouse full of lovely french farmhouse sinks and uploading our new website, Will we ever get a break to watch the world cup?

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